Trekking in the deep path
of Humahuaca.

Going trough an old
avalanche, near
Puelo Lake

Going round
Natacion Lagoon

Short breake in
Tronador hill

Trekking between Cordoba
and San Luis

Walking to
Tronador Shelter

Tracks from Puna to
the Jungle

Camping and shelter
in Los Gigantes
Climbers reaching
the summit

Crossing in Cholila
Going through an
old log bridge,
over Azul river
Taking a break at
the view point
of Turbio river

Enjoying the majesty
of C° Torre

The delightful beauty
of Gutierrez lake
Iruya’s magic
The greatness of
Pampa de Achala
Little fellows in the mountain
In Pampa Linda,
setting up the camp

Short stop in Raquel hill

A nice snowfall in
Hielo Azul
Wading across the river,
in Cordoba
Reaching Domuyo’s peak
Bivouac at the Domuyo

The amazing
Fitz Roy