Hielo Azul is a tour operator dedicated to organising and offering to travel agencies alternative tourism programmes in different parts of the Argentinean Republic, particularly in the Northwest and in Northern Patagonia, and we specialise in crossings, ascents and expeditions.
We have been organising group trips since 1994 and, at present, various wholesale and retail agencies commercialise our products.
Hielo Azul offers a unique selection of adventure trips of various types in order that your agency has at disposal products that are original and imaginative as far as the activities, the time of year, the expectations of the travellers and the operative conditions are concerned.
In utilising the characteristics just mentioned, our objective is to enable your travellers to enjoy the difference of unstandardised trips and to develop a contact with nature not reached through programmes of conventional tourism.
Our company guarantees your agency complete excursions without minimum numbers, with pre-established dates and which your travellers can join in group form. We also have ready products of a day’s duration that can be incorporated into conventional journeys offered by your agency. We offer a variety of products from ones of a low level of physical demand, to ones with characteristics of greater expectations, while always succeeding in maintaining the delicate balance between adventure and comfort.

Why choose us?
Because Hielo Azul provides an entire infrastructure; lodgings, transportation, services and acquaintance with the places we carry out our excursions in. We know each part of Argentina we propose outings in, because with each undertaking we have got to know it better and better. Using our more than ten years of experience as a tour operator, we diagram each programme we offer in detail.
Because for each alternative, we have at disposal the ideal personnel, who also have ample experience in group management and maintaining a high degree of safety and professionalism.
Because our customer services, management and sales offices in Buenos Aires offer you a quick, as well as effective, answer to all the questions that may arise on excursions.
Because our programmes are led and backed up by specialised coordinators and the trekking activities are headed by professional mountain guides, who belong to the Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides (AAMG) and who have a deep commitment to the culture, the people and the places they visit.
Because Hielo Azul and its entire work team have already acquired all the permits and certificates needed for operating in accordance with all the laws and regulations prevailing at national level.
And finally, because by offering our programmes, your agency will be presenting a range of proposals to satisfy the desires and requests of a growing national and international public that seeks original alternatives.

We wish Hielo Azul to represent a distinct option for your travel agency: If you would like to offer your clients our products, please contact us, we will be ready and willing to attend to your needs and to develop better commercial alternatives.

Pablo Gómez Rojas - General Director

Luis Borgo - Commercial Director – Mountain Guide (AAGM)